Submission Instructions

In order for your submission to be eligible, you must submit the following on the Enter a Submission page. It is recommended that you preview the Enter a Submission page in its entirety before completing the application. For definitions of the terms "Technology" and "Contestant" please see the Official Rules.

  1. The name of the Technology (enter this in the “Name” field)
  2. A brief text description summarizing the Technology’s functionality and use
  3. One or more images depicting the working Technology, including screenshots, if software, or a physical prototype, if hardware
  4. A link to a video posted on or that clearly demonstrates the Technology’s functionality and features (by walking through a demonstration of the software or hardware in use). Note: You must have permission to use all content in your video, including footage, music, and images.
  5. A single uploaded ZIP file including two (2) PDF files: (x) a PDF file no longer than five (5) pages, which includes answers to required questions about the Technology and Contestant outlined below, and (y) a PDF file of a presentation, no longer than five (5) slides (check out the Resources page for presentation tips). The presentation must be a draft of the presentation you will give to judges at the Demo Day, if you are selected as a finalist. The presentation should describe your technology, including the healthcare problem it addresses and its commercial potential.
  6. The Submission type (software solution or hardware prototype)
  7. The submitter type (individual, team, or organization (≤10 employees)
  8. Organization or Primary Contact Name & Address
  9. Step-by-step testing instructions including, for software Technology, the minimum operating system or web browser version required for testing AND one of the following: (x) a link to a website or app store where the software application can be accessed or downloaded free of charge and login instructions, if a login is required; (y) an installation file containing the software application; or (z) a build shared via TestFlight (for iOS apps not yet approved by iTunes)
  10. The Contestant Representative’s phone number
  11. Confirmation that you have answered all of the questions on the “Required Submission Questions” page to the best of your ability and have included them in your file upload.
  12. Confirmation that if selected as a finalist, your team is able to participate in the Demo Day.
  13. Confirmation that the majority of your team members are a residenst of New York City as of the time of entry or hold full time employment in New York City OR your organization has a place of business in New York City.
  14. Confirmation that you have read and agree to be bound by the Official Rules

Required Submission Questions

Please answer each question below to the best of your ability and include your answers in a PDF file in the “file upload area” of your submission. Your PDF must be no longer than five pages and must list each question on the “Required Submission Questions” page, followed by the answer to each question.

  1. Healthcare Need: What need(s) in healthcare does your technology address and who are the target users? Why is this need urgent?
  2. Product Differentiation: Please explain the path of commercialization for your technology. How will you demonstrate the value of your innovation to potential customers? How do you plan to market and sell your product? Please include thoughts on sales channels, costs and pricing.
  3. Commercialization: Please explain how your product is different from others on the market and how you can demonstrate a demand for your product.
  4. Risks: What are the risks and challenges that come with taking your innovation to market, and how are you qualified to overcome them?
  5. Team Qualifications: Why is your team qualified to commercialize your solution? Please discuss your team’s commitment, what expertise you have or lack, and any healthcare technology your team has created previously.
  6. Next Steps: If your team is awarded a prize for this competition, how would you use the money? E.g. prototype development, equipment purchase, etc.

More Questions?

If you have questions about the Innovate Health Tech NYC, email or post a question on the Discussion Board.